When you spend a late night at the office or out having fun with friends, you may wake up the next morning, look in the mirror, and consider jumping right back into bed. But let’s be real, we all have responsibilities that can’t be ignored just because we missed some shut-eye. And hey, even when you do get a good night's sleep, puffiness, redness, and a lack of hydration can make you look more tired than you actually are.



So, if you didn't get your beauty sleep last night, or are just looking for a little pick-me-up, here are some makeup tips for tired eyes to help you look refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Tip #1: Reduce Redness and Puffy Eyes

To reduce puffiness around your eyes, use some cold spoons straight out of the freezer. Place the spoons on your eyes for several minutes, and make sure to apply below your eyes as well. The cool metal spoons are the perfect way to tighten and brighten up tired eyes.

Once you’re done reducing puffiness, use an eye brightening cream to keep the area well hydrated. Red and puffy eyes can make you look tired and worn down, but the right awake makeup routine will keep you looking refreshed.


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Tip #2: Re-Hydrate the Skin

To keep your skin moist and hydrated, grab a nourishing moisturizer for your face. Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day, and re-apply moisturizer if necessary to help keep your skin looking smooth and supple. Well hydrated skin looks youthful, and is less prone to wrinkles and dryness.

 If you want to look even more refreshed, try a facial moisturizer that contains caffeine. This will help wake up the skin on your face, even if you are still tired from last night.




Tip #3: Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer is a great under eye concealer that is perfect for hiding dark circles after a late night out with friends. When you don't get a good night's sleep, under eye concealer is a must have!

Some of us are prone to dark circles even if we did get a good night's sleep! When you want your face to look younger and more refreshed, concealing the dark circles under your eyes with a good concealer is an easy fix.




Tip #4: Highlight to Brighten Your Skin

To keep your skin looking refreshed and awake, use a concealer to brighten your skin. By highlighting certain areas of your face with the concealer, it can instantly give your face a more awake appearance.

Try highlighting your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the inner corners of your eyes, the brow bone, and more! Adding highlight to these key areas can help give your skin a luminous and youthful glow. Make sure that you choose a concealer that is the right shade for your skin tone—take the time to try before you buy!


Tip #5: Choose a Bright Lipstick

When you want to brighten your face, a great lipstick can do wonders. Give your favourite nudes and pinks a break. A more vibrant lipstick will highlight the brighter tones of your face, giving you a more awake, healthy appearance.

Use a clear lipliner, such as No Bleeding Lips, to make sure your lipstick stays in place all day. Seal in your lipstick using a topcoat to avoid color transfers – we love using No, My Lips Are Sealed!

It’s next to impossible to get the right amount of sleep every night, so whether you are out with friends, or binge watching your favourite show on Netflix, try these tips in the morning to hide the signs of your late night before that big meeting with your boss.